Electro Industrial And Why It Should Send Shockwaves Through You

If you’re not familiar with industrial music or it’s sub genres with terms like Rivethead and Cyber Goth, you are likely familiar with images of spooky kids adorning gas mask, combat boots and military gear. Are we preparing for the end? No, well yes we are all awaiting our eventual demise…but likely you will find us all crammed into dark venues drunkenly absorbing the intensity that is industrial. Like a War Boy from Mad Max it is our “chrome”. That large huff of exhilaration,  our escape from the impending doom and gloom that is the hum drum normal. Ensuring us a small piece of heaven for the night and calling those around us to witness. This month Grendel is playing here in L.A. and I’ve already purchased my ticket for this sold out show. Rain or shine I will be there! With song lyrics such as “Harsh Generation, we’ll tear you apart. Sign of the times,  this is the coming of a new kind…” playing with Covenant it is a night to not be easily forgotten. The beats and hard electronic tones outweigh any air raid siren. I could sit here and explain to you why industrial music goes hand in hand with Post Apocalyptic tones or give you a bunch of fluff on it’s history, but personally feel you likely already know and if you don’t you should experience the music for yourself and do your own damn homework. So put on some fucking boots, lace those bad boys up and join us War Boys. After all the bomb hasn’t dropped quite yet so live a little!

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Sarah Ellis is a born and raised Southern California weirdo. Her love of film has landed her a job in the Post Production business here in L.A. but her passions lie in fashion, art and the macabre. Drawn to the darker side of life and goth scene Sarah spends her free time in the Los Angeles subculture attending venues and mingling with fellow artist and intellectuals and occultist. Unknown in the art world professionally she hides away and surrounds herself with books, art and music. She's worked on projects such as installations, visual arts, film production, personal stylist dabbling in photography and painting everything from her own personal style and tattoos reflects her darkness in an abstract way.

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