Hello world! Welcome to Beyond Doomsday! A blog about all things Post-Apoc. This site is a pure labor of love.  Ever since I was young I was fascinated by doomsday and apocalyptic tales.  I mainly loved them in the comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, Doomsday Plus 1, 1984, 1994, OMNI, and many others.  Over the years those titles dropped off and we were left with only a few.  This site will be dedicated to all things Post Apoc.  We will be covering comics, prose novels, art, video games, films, conventions and anything else that peaks our fancy for the doomsday genre!!  Of, Course, our main goal will be to publish new comic stories in hard cover collections called BEYOND DOOMSDAY, which we will try and gain support by using Kickstarter. BEYOND DOOMSDAY Vol. 1 is almost complete–and with this amazing cover by the fantastic Ryan Brown (2000 A.D., Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heavy Metal), we are about to embark on a journey into the bizarre and dark future we know as the Doomsday Senario.  Over the next few years we will be posting images from the BEYOND DOOMSDAY Vol. 1 collection as well as things we love about the post apoc genre.  So please sign up for the mailing list for exclusive news and posts.  Thanks–Frank Forte (The Editor)

Frank Forte – Creator and Editor-in-Chief. Frank Forte is an artist, writer and storyboard artist. He has worked on the Bob’s Burgers TV Show and comic book.  Frank is also a regular contributor and editor at Heavy Metal Magazine. His art and paintings have been exhibited at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, CASS Contemporary, Copro Gallery, Phone Booth Gallery, Arch Enemy Arts and Night Gallery Fine Arts among others. Frank‘s film and TV credits include: Bob’s Burgers, 3 Below (Trollhunters spin-off), Truth or Dare, Insidious:The Last Key, Despicable Me 2, The Emoji Movie, LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy:The Thanos Threat, LEGO Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Out, The Super Hero Squad Show, Marvel Heroes 4D, and more. Frank is also the publisher at Asylum Press (www.asylumpress.com), an indy graphic novel and comic book publisher. Since its inception in 1999, Frank has written, illustrated and published such comics as; The Vampire Verses, Warlash, Fearless Dawn, Billy Boy, The Cletus and Floyd Show.  Frank‘s website is: www.frankforte.com


Michael Duplesis – Writer/Researcher.